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NADE Accreditation Commission Annual Report 2019 (PDF)

Attention NADE-Certified programs!  To maintain your certification/accreditation, READ THIS: NADE Accreditation for Historically-Certified Programs: Options and Timeline

NADE Accreditation: The Right Decision for the Current Time (PDF)

Statement on Institutional Support and Access to Institutional Data:

A NADE application for accreditation requires significant time, effort and resources to do well.  Therefore, the NADE Accreditation Commission highly recommends that the lead person(s) for a component’s application process have (a) adequate release time or time dedicated to the application; (b) clerical assistance; and (c) significant access to institutional research and/or experts for data collection and analysis. In general, this process requires two to three years to complete.  

Commission Mission Statement

The NADE  Accreditation Commission exists to improve and enhance the success of students at all levels of academic preparation, as well as to facilitate the professional growth of developmental educators by setting standards of best practice, emphasizing the use of theory to inform practice, and promoting effective evaluation and quality research in developmental education and learning assistance programs.

Commission Goals

1. To promote quality program practices through professional standards and evaluation

2. To advance research and evaluation in the field

3. To create processes by which programs and services use self-study and evaluation to improve and enhance student success

4. To contribute to the broader integration of theory and research with practice in the field

5. To provide access to quality program models

6. To acknowledge and validate programs that meet or exceed standards of best practice

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