Applicant Resources

Important Reminders for Applicants

  • Use the most recent edition of the NADE Guides.
  • Use the most recent NADE Application Packet for your program, located below.
  • Follow the order of the Application Checklist when submitting your application materials.
  • Please note that all applications must be accompanied by the $2,500 application fee.
  • Those who have completed the Accreditation Institute and who wish to apply for accreditation must submit by July 1 of the fifth year following the most recent Institute attended.
  • A NADE application for accreditation requires significant time, effort and resources to do well.  Therefore, the NADE Accreditation Commission highly recommends that the lead person(s) for a component’s application process have (a) adequate release time or time dedicated to the application; (b) clerical assistance; and (c) significant access to institutional research and/or experts for data collection and analysis. In general, this process requires two to three years to complete.

Programs not submitting a completed application within two years of attending an Accreditation Institute are strongly encouraged to attend another Institute.

Submission and Review Timeline for Accreditation Applications

To expedite the review process, the NADE Accreditation Commission is implementing a quarterly review structure. Applications received during the specified times, below, will have been reviewed, and applicants notified, shortly after the dates specified.

If there is missing information or reviewers have questions, the timeline stops.  This could place the application into the next review cycle.  Reminder: a decision of “Pending” allows one year for resubmission of the required materials before the application automatically becomes inactive.

Applications Received Between These Dates . . . Applicants Will Be Notified of the Decision After . . .
Aug 1 – Oct 31 Jan 15
Nov 1 – Jan 30 Apr 15
Feb 1 – April 30 July 15
May 1 – July 31 Oct 15


Application Packets

  • Developmental & Transitional Coursework Application Packet docx  (updated 2/19/18)
  • Course-based Learning Assistance  docx (updated 2/19/18)
  • Tutoring docx (updated 2/19/18)

When an application packet is complete, you must send 3 identical hard copies along with one electronic copy to the Review Operations Coordinator.

Application Checklist

  • Developmental & Transitional Coursework Application Checklist (see page 19 of the packet above)
  • Course-Based Learning Assistance Checklist (see page 20 of the packet above)
  • Tutoring Checklist (see page 20 of the packet above)

Minimum Data Templates

  • Developmental & Transitional Coursework Program  (see page 12 of the packet above)
  • Course-Based Learning Assistance (see page 13 of the packet above)
  • Tutoring Services  (see page 13 of the packet above)

Data Analysis Document

  • DAD form (same for all 3 areas)  docx (Updated 2/19/18)

Commendable Examples

  • Action Plan pdf  | docx (updated 2/14/17)
  • Completed DAD pdf | docx (updated 2/14/17)
  • Connecting Mission, Goals and Data pdf | docx(updated 2/14/17)

CAS Learning Assistance Standards

  • pdf (Updated 4/20/18)

Appendices to the Accreditation Institute Manual pdf (updated 2/19/18)


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